Water Market

Since our founding, Delve Underground has been at the forefront of providing cost-effective, practical, and innovative engineering solutions for water conveyance. In the past two decades alone, we have successfully delivered design services for more than 150 water tunnels and pipelines. Our expertise extends to various aspects of underground engineering, including pressure tunnel design, tunnel rehabilitation, and pipeline conduit design in a wide range of ground conditions, from soft ground to hard rock.

We recognize the growing significance of water as a limited resource that is essential to society. We remain committed to offering advanced and sustainable solutions for water conveyance projects, capitalizing on our legacy of experience in clean water initiatives. We cater to both raw and recycled water needs, accommodating projects of various scales — from smaller conduits constructed using trenchless methods for major water conveyance pipelines to large-diameter tunnels employing tunnel boring machines. Our extensive experience in tunnel engineering covers the entire spectrum of challenges and a multitude of environments, from densely urbanized sites with space constraints to remote locations and underwater crossings in seismically active regions.