Good construction management paves the way for safe, efficient project execution.

We collaborate with project owners, contractors, and designers to guide cost-effective, quality implementation of design concepts as they become reality. Our roots as designers, contractors, and construction claims specialists enable us to identify potential roadblocks and create workarounds that keep projects moving.

We understand the construction process at all levels, and we regularly lead multidisciplinary construction management teams with a variety of skillsets. We have provided full-service construction management services as both a prime consultant and as a subconsultant. Our services range from prebid constructability analyses, cost estimating, and risk assessments, to the provision of on-site staff—construction managers, resident engineers, QA/QC inspectors, and other technical experts. Our services are often part of an integrated team with the owner’s or contractor’s organization. Our personnel are technical experts who specialize in heavy civil and underground construction.