Energy and Natural Resources

From Delve Underground’s first energy projects — the Snowy Mountain hydropower scheme in Australia and the underground Hyatt Powerhouse at Oroville Dam in California — to current major efforts, we have built a reputation for developing practical and cost-effective solutions to underground energy infrastructure challenges.

  • Electricity & Gas Transmission
  • Wind
  • Resource Extraction
  • Research Facilities

Specialty Services

We have vast experience in various aspects of underground energy infrastructure, covering hydropower, electricity and gas transmission, wind, resource extraction, and research facilities. Our expertise includes designing new facilities, integrating them with existing structures, and upgrading aging facilities for extended lifespan. 

Delve Underground facilitates seamless collaboration among mechanical and electrical disciplines, environmental agencies, regulatory bodies, and key stakeholders through our interface coordination services. Our team includes certified inspectors under FERC Part 12, subject matter experts in Probable Failure Mode Analyses, and professionals with High Angle Rope Inspection certification. 

  • Intake Permanent and Temporary Structures
  • Cofferdam Design
  • Conveyance Pressure Tunnels
  • Surge and Pressure Shafts
  • Portals
  • Penstock Linings
  • Powerhouse, Transformer, and Valve Chamber Caverns
  • Rock Confinement Assessments
  • Underground Structures Condition Assessments & Rehabilitation
  • Geohazard Assessment and Mitigation