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Staff Recognition Nov 20, 2023

Glenn Boyce received his board certification as part of the inaugural class of the new Board Certification for Pipeline Engineer – Water (PLW) program. The program is sponsored by the Utility Engineering and Surveying Institute (UESI) in conjunction with Civil Engineering Certification Inc. The inaugural class was recognized at the 2023 UESI Pipelines Conference in San Antonio this August. Congratulations to Glenn on becoming board certified based on his body of knowledge and his contribution to the pipeline design profession.

Mark Havekost coauthored the paper “Welded Steel Pipe Joint Seismic Design Procedure for Transient Ground Shaking and Other Axial Loading” with Michael Britch (Tualatin Valley Water Dist.), which was presented this August at the UESI Pipelines 2023 Conference in San Antonio, Texas.

Frederic Marquis coauthored “Design and Construction of a 4.0-metre Diameter Microtunnel for the Northwest Inner City Community Drainage Improvement Project in Calgary, Alberta” with Stephanie Robillard, Richard Yovichin, and Jason Lueke (Associated Engineering), which he presented at the Tunnelling Association of Canada Conference in Toronto Ontario in September.

On September 27, Sarah Wilson and Ashim Gajurel presented a lecture on the Orinda Water Treatment Plant Design and Construction to UC Berkeley Geosystems graduate students.

On October 3, Ethan Guzek and Paul Fikse presented “Protection of Railroad Tunnel Portals Using Steel Rockfall Canopies” at the AREMA Annual Conference in Indianapolis, IN.

This October, Heather Hughes-Adams, Michelle van der Pouw Kraan, Isabelle Weber-Concannon (Metro Vancouver), Norman Joyal, and Wolfe Lang presented their paper, “Case Study on the Installation of a Large-Diameter Crossing Using Pilot Tube Guided Auger Boring and Pipe Ramming Techniques” at the No Dig North Show in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

On November 1, Sarah Wilson was elected to the CMAA Northern California 2023–24 Board of Directors. She will serve as the CCM & Professional Development Chair.

On November 2, Greg Rogoff presented “Designing & Implementing Risk Mitigation for Existing Critical Utilities by Means of Construction Sequencing” at the 3 Rivers Wet Weather Sewer Conference in Monroeville, PA. Originally published in the 2020 North American Tunneling Conference Proceedings, the paper was also coauthored by Karrie Buxton (Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District), Josh Suffel (McNally Tunneling Corporation), and Brad Murray.

On November 9, Kent Winger and Mike Kowalski presented a virtual webinar on Claims and Claim Mitigation through the Bay Area Subcontractors Association (BASA).

The following papers were presented at the Australasian Tunnelling Conference November 5–8 in Auckland, New Zealand:

“Applications and Procedures for Inspection and Rehabilitation of Hydro and Water Conveyance Tunnels,” by Mark Havekost, Z. Bade Sozer, Kush Chohan, Shawn Spreng, and David Crouthamel.

“A Comprehensive Plan to Mitigate Flash Flood Risk in Ellicott City, Maryland including Conveyance and Dry Flood Mitigation Facilities,” by Joe Schrank, Brad Murray, Robert (Zach) Hollenbeck (Howard County PM), Dave Corkum, and Chris Nelsen.

“Computational Modelling in Developing Digital Models of Large-scale Underground Infrastructure Projects with a Focus on the North East Link Tunnel Works Packages,” by Elnaz Saminfar, Eric Westergren, Michael Behrens, and Jae Bateman.

“Design and Construction of Deep Diaphragm Wall Shafts for Watercare’s Central Interceptor,” by Sean Peterfreund, Dimitrios Goudelis (GAJV), and Bojan Jovanovic (WSL).

“Design of an Innovative Single-Pass Tunnel Lining for Watercare’s Central Interceptor Tunnel,” by Podianko Surya (Arup), Shannon Goff, A. Redle (Arup), and S.L. Suhaendi (Arup).

“Inspection of a Water Tunnel by Remote Technology and Manned Entry,” by Brian Lakin, Joe Schrank, and Daniel Ebin.

“The Permit to Tunnel Process Adopted on Australian Infrastructure Projects,” by M. Salcher (Gamuda), Yun Bai, Mark Trim, R. Bertuzzi (Pells Sulivan Meynick), and B. Vidler (CPB Contractors).

“Resistance of Rock Bolt and Shotcrete Tunnel Support Subjected to Fire Loads,” by Justin Arifin (HATCH), Dean Newman, and Mark Trim.

“Rock Bolt Shearing during Construction of Multi-level Tunnels in Sydney,” by Yun Bai, M. Salcher (Gamuda), Rebecca Fusee, T. Bentley (John Holland), A. Kumar (John Holland), and Mark Trim.