Shawn Spreng

Energy Market Lead

Shawn Spreng is a principal engineer with over 20 years of civil and underground engineering experience focused on tunnel design. As project manager, Shawn has planned, implemented, and managed several large tunnel projects. As tunnel design lead, he has developed the design approaches, planned geotechnical investigations around design needs, and implemented detailed designs. Shawn also has extensive experience providing construction support services to owners and contractors, including geologic mapping and evaluation of ground conditions for tunnel support installation, review of submittals and RFIs, and active participation in the claim and dispute resolution process. He has extensive experience inspecting and designing reservoir outlet tunnels as well as experience working with FERC and California DSOD.

Shawn holds a BS in Civil Engineering with a Minor in Geology from San Francisco State University and an MS in Civil Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley. He is a registered Professional Engineer in California.

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