Kent Winger

Construction Claims Services Practice Lead

Kent Winger is a principal with more than 40 years of claims experience. Since joining Delve Underground in 1989, he has been providing construction claims and delay analysis services to public and private owners on a wide variety of projects. He is skilled at claims preparation and analysis, strategic claims avoidance, and contract administration and management on construction projects. With his legal background, Kent provides knowledge of the basis for contractual entitlement and legal precedent for claims analysis and methodology. His construction claims-related project experience includes reviewing records for relevancy, interpreting contract documents, analyzing project delay issues, and analyzing schedules for the effects of the delaying events. He is skilled in writing reports that present facts, issues, and findings, calculating additional costs resulting from delay, extra work, and disruption, and preparing presentation graphics. Kent has participated in settlement negotiations and mediations, provided expert deposition testimony, and provided expert testimony at arbitrations and trials.

Kent holds a BS in Civil Engineering from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and a JD from California Western School of Law, San Diego. He is a registered Professional Engineer in Colorado. 

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